NYC’s Amended Salary Transparency Law Takes Effect November 1, 2022

After some amendments, NYC’s salary transparency law takes effect on November 1, 2022. The law applies to employers with four or more employees and requires employers to include a minimum and maximum salary/wage range in all job advertisements. Any advertisement that is in print, digital, or disseminated internally for transfer opportunities or promotion is subject … Read more

New York and New Jersey Requirements for Departing Employees

Some businesses are not aware that they must provide departing employees with certain information when the employment relationship ends.  Nor are they aware that they must provide departing employees with their final paycheck within a certain time frame.  Below is a one-pager that outlines those requirements under New York and New Jersey state law.  A … Read more

New Posting Requirements for New Jersey Employers

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR) adopted new and amended regulations which expand the posting requirements for employers under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and Family Leave Act (NJFLA).  The new posting requirements were effective August 1, 2022. The new requirements are as follows: Covered employers shall display … Read more

New York State Launches Statewide Workplace Sexual Harassment Hotline

This week, on July 19, 2022, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced the launch of a statewide hotline, 1-800-HARASS-3 (1-800-427-2773), for issues of workplace sexual harassment. The confidential hotline will be operated by the New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) and will connect workers who have faced sexual harassment with experienced pro-bono … Read more

New York’s Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy to be Updated

Yesterday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the New York State Department of Labor will be updating New York State’s Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy.  The current policy, which was adopted in 2018, must be reviewed every four years. Now through September 20, 2022, all New Yorkers can submit feedback on the model policy through this … Read more

New NYC Salary Transparency Law is Amended with a New Effective Date of November 1, 2022

On May 12, 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation pushing back the effective date of NYC’s salary transparency law from May 15, 2022 to November 1, 2022. Other amendments to the salary transparency law include: Clarification that the pay transparency requirements for job advertisements will not apply to jobs that cannot or will not … Read more

How to Properly Characterize Your Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors

This post is part of a new series that specifically discusses employment law issues for startups and small businesses operating in New York State and New York City. Many businesses rely on independent contractors, instead of employees, for their staffing needs.  The reasons for doing so are obvious – among them, savings in labor costs.  … Read more

New York State Expands Whistleblower Law (Effective January 26, 2022)

New York’s existing whistleblower protection law, which allows employees to sue their employers for whistleblower retaliation, has been significantly expanded.  Changes go into effect on January 26, 2022. The existing law protects employees who disclose, or threaten to disclose, to an employer or to public body “an activity, policy or practice of the employer that … Read more