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Kristine Sova provides an array of labor and employment legal services in a variety of industries across both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Her labor and employment legal services are listed below. Click any section to read more.

Curing Common Misconceptions about COBRA

Confusion abounds whenever the subject of COBRA arises, especially with smaller employers and owner-operated businesses.  The most common misconception I’ve encountered is that an eligible employee simply receives COBRA benefits because he/she is eligible without the employer (or someone designated by the employer) having to actually facilitate COBRA benefits.  This is simply wrong. COBRA isn’t … Read more

New Year, New Laws

Each new year brings new employment laws.  In this post, we provide highlights of legislation passed in 2013 that will affect (and, in some cases, already is affecting) New York and NYC employers in 2014. Pregnancy Accommodation (NYC Employers) Legislation amending the New York City Human Rights Law will require most NYC employers to provide … Read more

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