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Kristine Sova provides an array of labor and employment legal services in a variety of industries across both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Her labor and employment legal services are listed below. Click any section to read more.

NDA Carve-Out Language for New York Employers

Some non-disclosure obligation is usually presented to an employee upon hire or termination of employment.  Upon hire, the obligation usually takes the form of a stand-alone non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or it is part of a larger employment agreement or non-compete agreement meant to maintain the confidentiality of the employer’s commercially valuable information.  Upon termination of … Read more

In New York, Startup Founders Cannot Work for Free

Many early-stage startups do not have the cash flow to cover the high salaries formerly earned by their founders and key executives.  As a result, startups often compensate these individuals with equity in lieu of a higher salary.  Startups should not automatically assume this is permissible under the wage-and-hour laws. The federal Fair Labor Standards … Read more

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